Routing and engraving

Routed signs are created by cutting away letters or logos from a specific sign material. The cut out areas can then be backed with an acrylic or have the acrylic pushed through the face of the sign. Therefore, creating the most common type of routed sign, the “push thru sign”.

This type of sign is a letter or logo cut out of a specified sign material that is thicker than the sign face. The cut out is then mounted on the inside of the sign.

We can illuminate the lettering from the inside of the sign. In addition to, we can create halo lighting by adding an opaque material to the face. This material limits the illumination so it only transmits out of the edge of the letter or logo.

A1 Signs has the ability to make custom cut signage using our in-house routing machines. The router gives us the ability to make custom designs with depth to create dynamic, beautiful signs. 

State of the Art Equipment

Signage & graphic solutions are only as good as the equipment used to make them, and all routing and engraving equipment is not created equal. At A1 Signs we only use the best equipment to make our signs and graphics.

Routing and engraving vs sandblasting?

The clear advantage of routing is multiple quantity sign projects. Most importantly, this guarantees perfect consistency throughout the fabrication process that can not be as controllable with manual methods of sign construction.

However, signs require a lot of steps to be sent properly to a computer router table. As a result, single projects may exceed the expense of another sign fabrication style.

Sandblasting is a manual and laborious process. So consequently, you might want to consider sandblasting if you only need one sign. Our sales team will be more than happy to review your project and make suggestions as to the most efficient method.


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