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A1 Signs has provided businesses in Horry County and throughout the Carolina’s with high quality, creative graphic design and printing since 1989. By combining complete graphic design with full color offset and digital printing, we provide our clients with the most efficient source for graphics and printing in Conway, SC.

When printing is done right, it is an opportunity to enhance communication, showcase your ideas and excite those who come in contact with you. We offer both digital and offset printed products to best suit your printing needs.
Through the execution of your vision, A1 Signs will deliver a product to set you apart from your competition.  We will ensure that your every project ends with a beautiful print.

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Digital printing uses toner to print the project. Therefore, it’s best for lower quantities. It allows for an easier setup and management. So consequently, it’s great for jobs with variable data and it’s the only option to use when a piece might have any customized data.  . You plug in the data and images onto the computer and transfer them straight to the printer to produce the product you want. It’s much more cost effective than offset printing which requires intensive setup and production to yield the final product. In many cases, you can create the final product via one pass through a digital printer vs. offset printing which requires several different steps and sometimes several different machines to get the final job done.

It’s the best solution for smaller run, lower quality projects.

Advantages to Digital Printing
Products Typically Produced with Digital Printing
Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred/offset from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Offset printing offers the highest quality printed materials in the printing industry, and eliminates the streaking that is found in other printing processes. Actual ink is used in offset printing, not just toner. The final product in offset printing has a professional, high-quality look. Offset printing can accommodate a large variety of printed materials, including paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, and plastic. The offset printing process is very efficient, and many impressions can be made from one set of plates. If you have a large printing job, offset printing will usually end up being the most economical option. The number of offset printing companies is dwindling, but Record Printing is proud to still offer this printing method to our customers.
Advantages to Offset Printing
Products Typically Produced with Offset Printing

Printing that Converts

Business Cards

Business cards are extremely powerful when implemented correctly. Providing your staff with quality business cards will ensure potential and returning customers have your information when they need it.

Regret the answer “Do you have a card” or “I don’t have one on me” or “I’m all out right now”? It’s best to print business cards regularly and be sure your team has a few on them at all times.

When you hand someone a business card, it not only tells them that you’re prepared to accept more business, but it also gives them clues as to how organized and high-quality your brand really is.

At A1 Signs, we have business card solutions fo all your needs. Contact Us today.

a1 signs conway, sc custom printing
a1 signs conway, sc custom printing

Company Brochures

Every business needs a brochure to let customers know about the goods and services you provide. Brochures provide consumers with detailed information about your company. Even if you’re at a trade show and only have a few seconds to communicate with business owners or potential clients, a brochure can allow for you to have a much more in-depth conversation with them through print.

At A1 Signs, we have print solutions for all your needs. Contact Us today.

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